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Customer Management Strategies are indeed the foundation of how a sales organization is run. The three essential elements of a Customer Management Strategy are:


Ask Yourself

  • Do you selectively pursue the right opportunities or chase every deal?
  • Are you satisfied with the amount of focus and activity your sales team gives toward creating new opportunities? With new customers?  With existing customers?

Identify Opportunities You Could and Should Win

  • Uncover customer needs and objectives
  • Creating compelling value propositions
  • Secure time with high value contacts


Ask Yourself

  • Do your salespeople drive sales campaigns or do the sales campaigns drive them?
  • How comfortable are you with how your salespeople prioritize and spend their time?

Effective Strategic Analysis and Planning

  • Track, manage and forecast deals
  • Win and lose quickly
  • Continuously advance deals in the funnel


Ask Yourself

  • Do you collaboratively develop business plans with your strategic accounts or develop plans based on what you can sell them within a set period of time?

Collaborative Planning with the Customer

  • Establish high, deep and wide customer relationships
  • Value driven plans based on contributions to the customer’s business
  • Sound resource allocation and investment

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