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Customer Management Strategies are indeed the foundation of how a sales organization is run. The three essential elements of a Customer Management Strategy are:


Ask Yourself

  • Are you frustrated with the top of your sales and marketing funnel?
  • Are you looking to get more qualified prospects on your sales teams’ calendars without overpaying for it?

Identify Opportunities You Could and Should Win

  • Uncover customer needs and pain
  • Build your company’s authority on LinkedIn
  • Book appointments with high value clients


Ask Yourself

  • Do your salespeople drive sales campaigns or do the sales campaigns drive them?
  • How comfortable are you with how your salespeople prioritize and spend their time?

Effective Strategic Analysis and Planning

  • Track, manage and forecast deals
  • Win and lose quickly
  • Continuously advance deals in the funnel


Ask Yourself

  • Do you collaboratively develop business plans with your strategic accounts or develop plans based on what you can sell them within a set period of time?

Collaborative Planning with the Customer

  • Establish high, deep and wide customer relationships
  • Value driven plans based on contributions to the customer’s business
  • Sound resource allocation and investment

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