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The Sales Lanscape

As sales professionals ourselves, we stay familiar with the most current sales trainings, such as SPIN Selling and Miller Heiman’s Strategic Selling, Conceptual Selling and Large Account Management. Our philosophy on this front is simple. As a sales recruiter, if you don’t understand the sales methodologies of your client, how will you know if a potential sales rep does?

Sales Recruiting Expertise

We’re the sales recruiting firm SMB organizations can afford. We conduct searches in every functional area of sales and marketing and nearly every career level — primarily for B2B sales organizations in IT, (hardware, software and information services), healthcare, logistics and manufacturing.


When your organization is growing quickly, you can either spend time finding new employees, or spend time with your current employees helping them succeed. Rarely will you find time for both. Research shows that most managers have less than 5 hours a week to devote to projects like hiring. Is that enough time to effectively fill your organization with top sales performers? Clients engage us to reduce their risk of making a bad hire, to reduce the demands on their time, and to be certain they hired the best available person for an open sales position.

We move quickly, taking you from the initial meeting to offer and acceptance in a few weeks–with a full slate of thoroughly vetted, highly qualified sales candidates. To ensure that the best people are considered – even if they are not actively looking for a job – our sourcing team identifies and contacts hundreds of candidates during the first two weeks of your search. Simultaneously, we conduct sophisticated social media outreach campaigns to give you access to a broad cross-section of candidates. Our process is faster, more effective, and far less insular than traditional recruiting approaches.

Good Reasons To Engage SPI

  • Ensure you hire a top performer – someone measurably better than their peers. 
  • Complete the hiring process quickly and predictably. 
  • Consider a larger group of candidates, including those who may not answer job advertisements. 
  • Save time and reduce the disruption to your other work.

Reasons NOT To Engage SPI

There are some situations when it would not make sense to engage us for a search: ​​

  • When you are not yet clear about what business outcomes you want to achieve by hiring someone. Our hiring process relies on you knowing what you want to achieve.
  • When your senior leadership team is in complete disagreement about what kind of person you need. (We resolve small disagreements all the time, but big disagreements usually signal that you are not clear about the business objectives you are trying to achieve).
  • If you like keeping your vendors at arm’s length and are unwilling to work in partnership with us, you should not engage us. For example, if you like having multiple search firms working on the same search, you should not contact us.
  • If we’re going to make someone look bad by succeeding, you should not call us. For example, if you have an internal recruiter already working on the search, and you are still hoping to find the candidate on your own before paying a search fee, you should not engage us.

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