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Sales Compensation

SPI knows sales compensation and incentive programs can be complicated — and emotional. We focus on outlining and defining the key components that must come together to form your compensation plan. We work with your organization to design a viable sales compensation system that serves everyone from top-level sales managers to frontline salespeople.


Static sales processes keep sales teams from reaching peak performance. In a landscape where buyer demands are constantly changing, you need to uncover what customers need, and align your sales process accordingly. We help you design and develop a dynamic sales process that details the steps, decisions, measures, tools and content sellers need to execute flawlessly.


In today’s competitive sales landscape, companies must be structured to meet and exceed growing customer expectations. Transforming your sales and marketing organizations does more than demonstrate your company’s willingness to adapt to the changing landscape. It also allows you to attract and retain top talent, uncover new revenue streams and ensure your organization is consistently aligned to meet business objectives.

Sales Talent Strategy

Sales talent is a critical component of sales success. Companies must excel at recruiting new talent while helping existing teams live up to their potential. You need a formal, data-driven sales talent strategy for hiring, development, coaching and performance management.


Determining and aligning your company’s sales territories requires a careful balancing act. Whether defined based on geography, customer criteria or past successes, proper sales territory alignment leads to a healthier sales pipeline and more closed deals.


Rather than just consulting, this solution offers the client a “do it for them” solution for sales management. The premise is that 20% of a superstar sales manager’s time is more valuable than 100% of an under-skilled sales manager’s time.

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